Our Mission

The Elmwood Business Association exists to protect, promote and encourage the businesses located within the Elmwood Business Park and their partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to adopt initiatives that make the Elmwood area one of the best places to live, work and play in Jefferson Parish. Through this reputation, our businesses within the park will thrive.

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Why Become a Member of the Elmwood Business Association?

Build Our Voice

The Elmwood Business Park contributes 1/3, more than $35 million, of all Jefferson Parish Sales tax. With our local tax force as our vehicle and our members as our voice, we can be part of the governmental decisions that affect each of our businesses. We are stronger in numbers. Your membership will help the organization to push forward in it’s quest to protect the welfare of your business.

Marketing Opportunities

The EBA hosts monthly meetings and social events, including the Taste of Elmwood, allowing you to network with other businesses in the area. Through these alliances you can build on your referral base and buying power through the relationships that you foster. Additionally, the association offers many other marketing venues such as online business directories, direct mailers and much more in order to give your business the best exposure.

Give Back to the Community

Our association has adopted several charitable and community focuses throughout the years such as Second Harvest, Children's Hospital, JPSO and ARNO to name a few. Giving back is one of the best business practices from histories past. As a member of the EBA you will help to continue this legacy.


The team at the EBA selects guest speakers for our monthly meetings that offer valuable information for your business and it’s employees. From State of the Parish Updates to presentations on how to use social media in your marketing plan, you will be kept up to date on the issues that matter most to you and your business.